Michael J DAmato – Photography and Visual Art       

I begin each new piece with a photograph.  The photograph is the building block.  My subject can be an architectural structure or a natural one, and often just a small portion of it.  But what attracted me to the structure, the beauty, power, texture, its relation to the surrounding area, is the driving force for my work —  to express my interpretation of what moved me to realize my artistic vision.  Examining the geometry, light and shadow, using long exposure, darkening filters and multipoint perspective, my aim is to compel the  viewer to consider this newly created entity.  My artistic   equation therefore is:  What is —-> What if……

In an effort to take the viewing experience to a new level, I have developed a unique approach by using 3D elements to create photography for the gallery rather than for the page. See: “Transformations: The Whole and Some of its Parts.”                                            

Extensive travel over the past 10-plus years has informed a great deal of my work, an example of which is my latest project, “Cuba!” a series of composite images reflecting life in the post-Castro island nation.

Being largely self-taught, I bring my own perspective to my work.  I believe that the photographer is the counterpart to the subject.  When both are in sync, the art reveals itself.

January 2023

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